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RPG for the Web!

What works is what already you are using: 
your AS/400 and RPG!

Not only for Internet, also for Graphical Applications in the intranet Company.

works in any AS/400 model

You don't need any additional machines nor applications.

Uses Batch jobs. No interactive feature needed.: cheaper machines and lower software group.

Helps also in the http server configuration and other related tasks, not only in programming.

Using the basic of the Web: HTML.
Easy and funny to learn.

You can design the pages with any full featured wysiwyg editors like FrontPage or DreamWeaver, knowing only a little HTML.

allows all the complements as Frames, css, dhtml, ssi, javascript...

100% Compatible with all the existing in the iSeries: Data bases, calls to programs, code snippets...

How it works?

  • Simple!

  • You design a html page.

  • you associate a program to the page,

  • The program receives input "fields"

  • In the RPG program, you select & fill the answer page, and sends it to the browser,

  • Everything with few lines of code.

  • Under your program control, with the tools already you know.

What you need in 400?

  • HTTP Server, free in each AS/400.

  • Your RPG!

  • RPG For Web

What you need in PC?

  • any internet browser, and any operative system!:  Windows, mac, linux...

  • nothing to install!


RPG For Web lets you  to develop html Graphical Applications for Internet Browsers using the IBM iSeries 400 and RPG IV (ILE Cobol could also be used ).

The development of Web applications counts on multiple platforms, tools, ways of use, languages, types of files, and so on.

RPG For Web  allows the Web development using the experienced AS/400 environment. 

Using what Works

The success of the traditional IBM iSeries Applications is founded on good part in the languages oriented to the world of the business that are used: RPG and (to a lesser extent) Cobol. Of course, important aspect of how these languages work is the people who design & write them: the professionals of the AS/400.

With all this accumulated experience and security, RPG can be also a good option for the development of web applications, and the iSeries platform is totally compatible with the necessary standards:

  • Complete support of tcp/ip

  • integrated HTTP Server with cgi support.

  • Additional TCP Servers as FTP, telnet...

  • and.. here is where data & programs of the Company resides!

  • and...this is of which we know!

With all the advantages

The web development  using RPG has many benefits, that are not perhaps hefted sufficiently before considering "to move" the Web to another platform, with other languages, other professionals...

  • It can become in the same well-known platform and language

  • The training is much smaller, only html rudiments, that can be simplified using some complete editors as MS-Frontpage or DreamWeaver. Starting form the basic thing, and easily growing to continue learning, but maintaning the powerful RPG400.

  • The basic of html can be improved using all the additional techniques like css (cascade style sheets), Javascript, dhtml, ssi (server side includes)...

  • The database and programs of the Company already are in the 400.

  • additional hardware & software servers are not needed: nothing to integrate, nothing to learn.

  • of course, no language to learn

  • runs in batch mode, more cheaper machines and software group..

  • works in small and even old machines.

  • all the know-how from the present programming can be used.

  • compatible with everything: CL, databases, calls to programs, code...).

  • RPG For Web includes many functions to create web applications easily.

How to use this approach

This model of development is ideal to create new applications or modules.

Often, the approach and way of use of a traditional application are not agreed with the ways of use or look and fell in the web applications, reason why is better to create a new application or module to deal with the web transactions although updating the same data base, etc.

The important thing is to emphasize that applications can be done using mainly our skills, without reduction in results.

What contributes Rpg For Web?

It is a set of functions that enormously allow and facilitate the development in Web environment, doing simple the related tasks.

RPG For Web includes not only functions to facilitate the programming, also functions to help in configuration, run and debug phases.

An example of the built-in functions:

  • The page code (HTML, basically) can be created and maintain in complete pages (almost without knowing html) with full rich editors like Microsoft FrontPage or DreamWeaver.

  • the html pages can be treated similar to screen records. you don't need to divide the html in parts, you can see all the page easily in the program.

  • the program can read all the input "fields" (as well as radio buttons, option box, check box, etc) with two lines of code (not two each field).

  • the answer pages can be filled easily and sended to the browser with a line of code.

  • facility to send variables in any place of pages HTML (most similar to as the screen program works).

  • poweful functions for design and handling tables (subfiles in the Web).

  • of course, compatible with all type of images (even variable names and paths).

  • and much more...


 IBM HTTP for Server iSeries 400, without more histories...

CPI RpgForWeb (c) 2002 CPI Software.